Rexford Manor provides homemade meals prepared by our experienced Chefs to delight your palette.


We understand you might have preferences as to how your food is prepared or maybe restrictions to your diet, therefore you have a full kitchen you can utilize or sign up for meals in our dining room.


Weekly Menus are selected by you, our Resident at our Menu Planning Meetings every month.


Open to you 24hours a day: Coffee, Mocha, Hot Cocoa, Juice and Water bar


Meal Options:
  • 8:00am Hot Breakfast Plate
  • 12:00pm Lunch Meal - $9/meal, 3 course meal served to you restaurant-style in the Dining Room
  • 3:00pm Dinner Tray - $6/meal, delivered to your room for you to enjoy
  • Lunch Meal Room Tray Delivery is an additional $2/meal.